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My Own Open Door

Today I came across a remarkable discovery. As I realize I am becoming comfortable with the concept of self love. Trauma and addiction and other issues are no longer the ripe demon’s at my door. At least at this moment, I find myself at a new level of love. One I thought I understood, now as I stare harshly through the peephole of my own open door. Two welcomed challenges one of family and the other a friend both rattled and took me on a cataclysmic spin. I realize my lesson of the moment is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Heart ripping and exciting, matters of the heart I always I thought I mastered with ease. Recent eruptions shot off rockets and alarms, perhaps I was wrong.

I welcome this challenge, I embrace the change, I welcome this growth spurt. I’ll meditate and work through it I know not everyone may see things quite the way I do. I will love these two endlessly with open heart, arms and mind. There and no wrong outcomes or answers my soul is not blind. Love is not dumb nor ruthless nor tires.

Should I feel disrespected? I’ll step aside until the moment seems right and I feel inspired.

Love and Light Always
The Empowered Runt – lil Big R


Love, Light, Progress and Prosperity Always

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