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Heart Open Hands Tied

Heart Open Hands Tied

I will always be your son, you shall always be my mother.  Through it all, the unknowns and unspoken’s I have chosen to love, honor, support and adore you. I trust you know this from my heart to your yours. Over the years reinforcement’s of both respect and love have been spoken, written and displayed. Perhaps this is the root of your soul discomfort, an inner unworthy this is something only you would know.

I don’t believe any family needs to be emotionally complex, but it is what it is and perfect for being that. This is how we grow, live and learn. I believe there is a bigger cosmic plan, as a woman or man we do have the freedom to expand. To step out of our discomfort zones and re-evaluate the lay of our genetic plan. Perhaps my visions are silly, maybe our tribe situation is simply a mash-up of Sicilian feist or karma ladled with a lineage of ancestral history unspoken and dark. All I know is that my side of the emotional shores are clean. I ask you for your own sense of calm, set aside your stones of resentments, they no longer serve you or do they?

For you and no one else I encourage you gently one last time to halt and to heal. You our dear mother who brought life to three amazing sons. You are deserving of love and joy, it is never to late. The clock ticks now at half past 86, my mother’s day wish for you is to find your peace. Release your relic pains from what is now an ancient past. I write this to highlight the positives of your existence. You are strong, you are loved, you are brave, and you sure as hell are a survivor YES YOU ARE-oh-YES YOU ARE! You taught us so much about love, life and you kept us safe. It is now your turn, it has been your turn and will continue to be. Same with me and every other being that strolls these streets. Wake up don’t weep, from Childhood to retirement to mortal decay I don’t think you have ever learned to play. In God you “trust” yet you’ve never surrendered. There is no purpose in any faith when you slap the face of your deity with half-hearted hopes.

I’ll end here my parent, please always know that my heart may be open, yet I my hands are now tied.

Love and Light Always
The Empowered Runt-lil Big R


Love, Light, Progress and Prosperity Always

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