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Field House Reflections

When someone would ask me thirty years ago, “what is it you would like to do with your life?” My mouth trembled for words, as if it had Parkinson’s of the tongue. If asked two years ago, I would have given a definitive and gleeful answer. Yet unsure and hesitant about the time frame and location. With a head over loaded with more concepts than I possibly could execute in this lifetime. That is without a full time staff to assist me and the residue of life events of past lingering. My mind body and spirit to cluttered and uncentered to focus on how to even begin to execute decisions. So I remained stumped and in a constant state of stuck.

If I where to ask my closest of friends for their perspective, they may chime in with an unintentional word of transparent support. But only I could trust my compass, only I could listen to my inner voice. Many decisions in life where tough along the way, to be honest I ignored them, I was not ready to think. The out come has been reflective I know that is ok. When broken one can only make broken decisions I understand that now.

Looking back now if I am to be fully honest with self are perfection. When I freely let go of all mind clutter and let the noise from within my heart settle, decisions come with ease. When I fall into complete trust with the “source,” my source. When I let go of ego I am at peace. My creativity and all choices that I make throughout the day, flows. And I know I am safe both during times of chaos and peace. This is where I find my voice my eyes and my hands to be guided by the universal divine. I still may fall into a pile of messed up shit from time to time, but I know I am cool. I just get back up it’s just part of lifes school.

Finally the day has come where I can say I am what I have visualized and dreamed these past few years. A man, who enjoys his life, his journey and at the age of 52 a paid artist. I am finally doing the unheard of, selling my works for what I deserve, for what they are worth. With love, dignity, integrity, effortlessly and of course guided from above and within.

Today, at least for today… I have so much joy and gratitude to be able to share this message. IT IS NEVER TO LATE, No matter what your journey has been. No matter what your story is or what it is becoming, IT IS NEVER TO LATE. Keep the faith and know that your life, your story and your words matter. The good, the bad and ugly are all equal in value. No matter how many times we hit the repeat cycle, it is ok! We are not suffering we are all learning, life is teaching us step what each individual needs to know. I always have toss in “I know it sounds like crap” but it is true. Keep your eyes and heart open and you will learn and be lighter.

I feel life is an illusion, one way of looking at this in a tangible manner is. Perspective, I can say that many of my or anyone else’s experiences in life have been really pretty crappy at times. If you learn nothing from them or do not grow from them I guess they have been crappy and nothing else. If you choose to learn something, if you choose to go deeper and find the message. You don’t have to get all mystical and shit just to find your own reward then you can say I had an AWESOME LEARNING EXPERIENCE. I choose to have an awesome learning experiences. I don not deny that thing stink but the outcome is what shifts and the perception, the stuff becomes the illusion. I know words and actions matter and perspective actions and words can change everything. For yourself, and the world around you, it happens every single day in a thousand different ways. If it happens for the bad it can happen for the good. Energy is energy so flip it! Yes it is just that easy.

Love and Light Always
The Empowered Runt-lil Big R



Love, Light, Progress and Prosperity Always

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