columbuspark, Video, wallpaper

Is a gratitude energy offering of thanks to all of those who have shown support throughout my journey. The outpouring over these last few weeks over my artistic adventures have been overwhelming-Thank You! Though the gunk, funk and the love since the end of July. I have attracted and been attracted to the perfect souls and situations. Some friends I have not seen in many years, new faces and now there is room in my expanding heart for new friends. A space that I have kept shut down without even knowing it for so very long.

My appreciations I offer symbolically, the best way I know how. With a stimulation eruption to both ear and eye. As I continue my exploratory play with motion-paper’s. Rooted in the unexpected ignored landscapes found along nearby expressways. These visuals capture the beauty I find on my morning strolls. I find life where some only see decay, vitality where at first one may sense the still, always within the dark I seek light.

This is my slosh of grit, greens, filth, and sun. A little bit of heaven, both natural and manufactured. A sliver of global glory just relaxing as if it where on holiday. Playing at the dunes or shore only here amongst the fumes and noise. Now toss in a Cerrone soundtrack (one of the royals of euro disco) and I have myself a perfect end of summer visual vacation.

Love and Light Always
The Empowered Runt – lil Big R

Music: Cerrone Music of Life 1978



Love, Light, Progress and Prosperity Always

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