reflective, Selfportraits



As always my work is an ongoing experimentation of vision and technique. Light Bath is a venture into a softer side of self. Over the last eight weeks eight weeks I have noticed a slow in my work. Softer tones, found feathers and woods have all been a recurring themes in my clothing, accessories and imagery. This piece represents learning to quite my mind and the receive nudges from my guides. Calmness and intuitive reflection come when I set my mind to rest. This is when messages flow and trust grows, this is my new found process.

My “waking” or human self laughs at the humor of my actions by design. Even I admit the coloring of this image pallet springs forth memories of 1970’s pantyhose. Flashbacks to my childhood Goldblatt’s department store or G.C. Murphy and Woolworth not so five and dime come to mind.

I will continue to move forward soft or strong, trusting as I am guided. It seems to be working so far no need to challenge things greater than I. My wish is that we all find what we enjoy, let go and grow and have ourselves a blast along the way.

Love and Light Always
The Empowered Runt – lil Big R



Love, Light, Progress and Prosperity Always

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