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No Weapons No Fear

No Weapons No Fear

For me there is no argument, the conversation is off the table in regards to gun control. I guess I have reach a point in life where I once again embrace the return of the energy of my radical youth. No apologies are given when it comes to certain conversations. I have reached an age where I have stopped debating, I have passed a certain marker and it’s my way or please leave my presence. I am no longer a fair or “wiggle room” conversationalist.

When it comes to gun control, women’s bodies, religious freedoms and overshadowing another life’s choices along with a hand full of other topics, I will not budge. It is part of my transitioning into my middle age. It also comes with seeing enough death and hearing enough ridiculous justifications. I know I am safe with or without a weapon so I choose to go without. At least I know I cannot accidentally shoot another human being. That irresponsibility is ruled out, I have plenty of others to choose from.

Love and Light Always
The Empowered Runt – lil Big R



Love, Light, Progress and Prosperity Always

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