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Veils are a tool we all use throughout our lives, they project how we would like to be perceived. They can protect us with keen defensive illusionary exteriors when we feel threatened. Veils and personas also rise up in any number of forms throughout the day. They give us face during job interviews and project the “ideal” image on a first date. These personal fronts also escort us through life’s many other awkward social situations.

Veils lift us up and boost our egos, often with props and decorations such as make up, clothing, drugs or alcohol. Veils can come in the form of another person, home, career or various situations. But when it comes down to it they are just that, illusions and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Although there is a danger when we buy into the illusions of others and ourselves. All the above that I speak of can be wonderful things. It is a question of understanding them, knowledge is always power.

I have had many thoughts running through my mind after this past week of traumatic violence here in the States. I’ve embraced the idea of looking past and through the walls we each put up. What I like about veils is their transparency, we can see through them. They are designed to be lifted, they are temporary, they only filter out surface fragments of who we really are. They cannot fully block or change what and who we are at our core. They have no power, again they are surface presentation and illusions.

At traditional Catholic weddings of my youth, grooms obviously did not kiss the veil at the altar. He would gently lift his brides veil, be it birdcage or cathedral. Revealing the truth trapped behind the netting of his anticipation. Of course he would find his mate and most likely new invisible veils would be woven and dismantled over the course of time.

All of this violence refreshed my retail trained brain. The very first thing I was taught was greet your customer. Make eye contact, say hello, make a connection. This is the number one key to loss prevention and preventing return criminal activity of any kind. For me this is the first step to loosing illusion. Getting to know someone-bam changes everything.

This fundamental concept began a web of knitting within my cortex. Taking this concept and applying it to getting to know my neighbors. This may be a bit small town sounding or a bit dated. But why not apply this format with people in order to slow the bustle of crime on a local level. Besides I just might enjoy it and what harm can their be?

The facts are, I won’t get along with everyone, the rule is be sensitive and honor my feelings without force. If I don’t jive with someone I can keep moving along. I don’t have to be a “Mrs. Kravitz” I can be a friendly and genuine, simple enough. I have lived in cities since I’ve been 17 and I’ve hardly known a neighbor. What I do know is when I have taken the time to connect with others I feel safer and grounded.

I feel a sense of community develop when I know my neighbors. A feeling of respect, a sense of security also blossoms. Statistics show, that people are less likely to harm someone if they have a personal connection. Despite what is pounded into our media saturated minds. Sometimes my concepts are a bit Pollyanna, I know this to be true. They are better than many of the alternatives, I’ll take my chances I have nothing to loose.

As a human being I do have the option to always walk into a situation and exit with kindness of heart. With or without veils, no matter how I try, true authenticity is monumental to continuously sustain 100% of the time. But genuine intent we can always reset if we need to put ourselves in gentle check. As always these are just a few of my thoughts as time passes by. I now leave you with peaceful sighs.

Love and Light Always
The Empowered Runt – lil Big R



Love, Light, Progress and Prosperity Always

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