A journey of both soul and human experiences. A representational plunge, deep into a dark murky swallow. Of what eventually freed me from a life of collective shackles.

It is a visual story about holding onto the remembrance of light. Coupled with pilgrimages back to neighboring hells. While keeping frayed sight on the fact that there are no straight lines, in any given path. When capable I always choose to be guided by the undeniable wisdom of heart. A inescapable thud, when listened to I always emerge safe in places of rightness.

Part of the “DISMANTLING” is the acceptance of all waves along my journey and conjoining adventures. Knowing each round of illusional ups and downs held a lesson to be acknowledged and shared. No matter how brutal or light they may have seemed.

My seeking spirit often withered, or so it felt, yet never ceased. When tired and need of retreat or rejuvenation by exhaustion it would sleep. Continual adjustments to thoughts and perspectives, kept my will open to the shifting paths of the evolutionary truth. This has been my principle perseverance tool.

Through the weaving in and out of my constant seeking of answers. Eventually I came to a point where I learned I was able let go of all of my perceived barriers and reclaim my voice. No longer afraid, no longer silenced by the illusions of anothers power over me.

No gang, no weapon, no drug, no addiction, no partner, no abuse, no self doubt or criticism. No childhood history or other haunts could silence me. Unless I choose to surrender this illuminated power onto them. I now understand my power and that I have the option to surrender or uphold all of my choices. This is truly honoring life, to protect and to share all I have learned appropriately.  Understanding choices is one of the many gifts to come through the dismantling and resembling of self.

Now I speak because I have been gifted and fought like hell for this freedom. I also speak up for those who have yet to find their own voice. Their time will come, we all have our path of discovery.

Should you be reading and feel tangled by doubt. Trust that all is possible I know you will keep holding on. Stay strong or at least gentle and trusting that the impossible is indeed possible. Do not ever give up, we are all on this planet for a reason. We all have a place and a purpose, even when our human minds are fogged from greater understandings. No matter your story or your history, try to trust – hold on. Every second and every breath matters, every word and every experience vibrates with intent. I wish you peace, love, protection and perseverance.

When we reclaim our magic we can once again dance.

Love and Light Always
The Empowered Runt – lil Big R



Love, Light, Progress and Prosperity Always

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