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New Dreams Found

I just awoke refreshed from a purifying dream. Like all dreams only the dreamer understands the full message. I lived in a beautiful tropical home. All glass, no solid walls shear and transparent. Sliding doors no formal front or back entrances all sides where welcoming. All sides where filled with light, completely surrounded with lush tropic and sub tropic plant life and of course a pool (cleansing and rebirthing). In this vision the house is a peaceful sanctuary. People always feeling welcome to journey through. Filling it with love and positive infusions comfort and dialogue.

Although I am fortunate to have shelter there is no natural light where I am at this moment. I count my blessings, but it is a living tomb based on how I like to live and how I need to be fueled. After a challenging week the importance of change is critical and there is no budging in the making of new realties and goals, no passive behavior future life concepts. The importance of light is symbolic as much as it imperative to healthy living. I live the life, I make the change, I live the dream-

After waking I compared this to my fantasy escape dreams of my deep dark pre diagnosed manic depressive 20’s. My fantasy living was to be, and this is no exaggeration kids. To live in a concrete cube with no windows and a remote controlled cement slab door that only I could control who came in or out. BTW that was no one, how sad at the moment and how wonderful the change. I never ate, no furniture, with the exception of a mattress with white stark sheets. My only companions where music, darkness, the cold, the reverb of silence and me. Disco and strobe lights and like Robby Benson in the movie The Death of Richie, I was completely removed, isolated, tripped out and checked into my own personal prison.

I’ll take today’s vision as an optimum vision quest. Yes, I really must start one of the those visualization boards again from the 80’s.

Are those still “trending?” lol

Keep Dreaming
Love and Light Always
The Empowered Runt – lil Big R