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Slipping into a Comfort State

The power of the mind is powerful, constant sparks razor sharp. Tuning out does not exist, slowing down does. This morning as my mind ruminated around the idea of action and accomplishment I saddled up in comfort with the concept that force is futile. Slipping my mind and spirit into a comfort state always leads to a productive day.

Waking with a brain blast like the Concord flight in Airport ’79 Paris to DC. I am destined to crash, lift off is dandy, before I know it I’ve lifted off into a frenetic day. Five minutes of focus then an espresso blast and I’m in lost in a disconnected thought process. Unlike A-79, Charo won’t be there to save the day with her cuchi cuchi ways. Slow breath out, deep breath in, gentle focused thoughts, no hurried multi tasking. As the old saying goes and mentor Tom H taught me long ago “measure twice cut once.” Simple rules, simple tools, still get the job done. This is simplified living in a not so complex world.

Love and Light Always
The Empowered Runt lil – Big R