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This conversation continues, based on my perspectives and experiences through rape and recovery. My intention with these conversations is to encourage an understanding of what the act of rape actually is like for many of us. More importantly the process of recovery and living an abundant better and brighter life through the process.

No rape or trauma experience is the same, yet there are many similierties in the after effects and after care. Within the soft walls of these talks I share my concepts of love and recovery.

This particular talk is designed for those who may be supporting a loved loved one on the mend. And finding it difficult to understand the emotional shut downs or “triggers” behind a projected emotional illusional exterior.

Love and Light Always
The Empowered Runt


adult male rape, Video

Champions of trauma is a one shot video and the first in a series designed to open an honest dialogue. Surrounding adult male trauma, specifically male on male adult rape. A topic I have not been able to find much information on throughout my investigative digs. I have located statistics, information, support and videos in regards to other forms of assault and rape. Primarily childhood, female on male, or prison assault, molestation and rape. All important and deserving of attention, yet my searches have always left me feeling as if I where walking this earth alone. I know of course I am not, after one last internet search and much healing. I reached a point where I feel comfortably ready to begin a conversation in my own way.

My goals are to always be honest, open and loving. My perspectives are primarily based on my own personal experiences. What led to the evening of my assaults, the event, the after effects and most importantly the healing and hope. Some of these talks will be focused on in up coming videos in this series.

I feel that the social stigma attached to male rape is so intense, that it keeps many men from coming forward. Like many rape warriors, shame and denial often prevents the survivor from reporting the crime, seeking help or even admitting to themselves that the assault had taken place. Especially in particular cultures and communities, in my own community when I attempted to speak of my experience the responses have been almost always dismissive. We all deserve to be heard, we all deserve to heal and we all deserve to extend a hand to another should we choose.

Gay straight and genders in-between rape is rape, no means no and yes means yes. Not dealing with a trauma can lead to some heavy and dark results. Know that you have a voice and your words do matter. Your life has immense value and hope can be the mightiest of tools when you think you have nothing left to loose. Everyday is a new day and it is just the beginning of the rest of your journey. There is no guilt, there is no shame, no reset buttons, no wrongs, and healing has no time frames. You are absolutely the most important person in your life and 200% worth loving and fighting for.

Love and Light Always
The Empowered Runt+++